4673 Galaxies < 200 Mpc from Milky Way

Each galaxy appears as a square of side 32 kiloparsecs,
the diameter of Milky Way.


Point at a galaxy: Name, CDS, Simbad, Aladin, NED
Mouse scroll or Pinch zoom: Move to/from centered galaxy
Left click and drag: Rotate
Right click and drag: Pan
Left click on a galaxy: Center the galaxy (colored yellow)
Right click on a galaxy: Select and color it green
Point at a colored galaxy (except last colored): Turn it back to white
Milky Way: Always magenta

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List of all 4673 galaxies

Milky way

Milky way

0.0 Mpc (0.0 Mly)

Milky way centered and colored magenta

Distance: 200 Mpc (652.31 million light-years)